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8pc Color Pigment Set by EcoPoxy

Oct 13

EcoPoxy Color Pigments are suspended in epoxy resin, offering a vibrant and rich pigmentation solutions for EcoPoxy products. They come in 8 vivid shades. You'll be able to choose the right shade of pigment to complete your project. You'll also love that the set is easy to make use of and comes with a handy blending brush.

The EcoPoxy color pigments' colors are embedded in epoxy resin

This EcoPoxy 8pc color pigment set is an excellent choice to tint epoxy resins. Its pigments are suspended in epoxy resin and mix well with the resin , creating uniform hues. This colorant is non-toxic and does not odour and is suitable for a wide range of uses. Apart from the standard colours, EcoPoxy also offers metallic pigments for a pearlescent , or an iridescent appearance.

Mica nano-particles are coated with a variety of colours and are frequently employed in craft. They can be utilized in small amounts or in large quantities. The mica nano-particles are available in 15 to 30 different colours. The colors of the mica nano-particles can be field-blended.

They provide a vibrant and vibrant pigmenting solution for EcoPoxy products.

EcoPoxy Color Pigments is suspended inside epoxy resin, creating an intense, vibrant color. They are highly concentrated and blend into epoxy resin evenly. They also have distinct effects, like the pearlescent or iridescent hues.

The 8pc Color Pigment Set contains eight colors for tinting epoxy resins. The colors are Americana, Caribbean, Pearl, Ocean, and Metallic. These tints are great for countertops, flooring, and other innovative applications.

Color Pigments are available in mica nano-particles. Mica nanoparticles have been coated with various organic and inorganic colors to create the desired colors. Mica nanoparticles may be mixed into epoxy resins in very small quantities to create an even and uniform color.

It is available in 8 vivid shades.

The 8-piece color Pigment Set produced by EcoPoxy is a great option to get a wide range of vivid shades. These pigments can be utilized for UVPoxy as well as Liquid Plastic epoxy resin, and other epoxy resins. The pigments in this set are extremely concentrated, producing the richest and most vivid shades. Alongside the eight vibrant colors, this set also has black, which is created of acuum-metalized polyester.

The dry colors of EcoPoxy are embedded in epoxy resin

EcoPoxy's dry colors are specially formulated to suspend in coating and casting epoxies , and create distinctive colours. The company's colours are made in Canada. They are suitable for coatings and gel coats, castings and many other uses.

EcoPoxy's high-performance epoxy fillers are simple to blend and distribute. They offer a smooth, cosmetic appearance. And they are highly durable. They are easy to work with and are easily formed into various shapesand can even be cured without shrinkage.

EcoPoxy's dry paints are available in a range of shades that include pearlescent and metallic colors. They are extremely tinted and can be blended with paints or other materials to add a stunning effect. The amount of the pigment to include is contingent upon the effect you want to achieve. Generallyspeaking, the pigments should be used in a proportion of 33% volume or 10% weight.

EcoPoxy GelCoat is a high-quality epoxy gel coating, with outstanding thermal, chemical, and abrasion resistance. It is applied with brush, spray or by machine, and gives smooth, high-gloss, glossy finish. It is simple to work with and ideal for both finish coats and lamination.

Mica powder is another option to add colour to epoxy. Mica is an element that is found naturally in the earth. It has the same properties like marble. Mica is extraordinarily thin and are affected by gravity and viscosity. Mica particles are crucial because their size affects the degree of reflection and luster they produce. Mica powder is typically quantified in microns. The larger the microns are, the more reflection and sparkle.

The pigment powder is added to the plastic or epoxy. It is preferential to mix the powder into it slowly adding a drop at one time. Certain powders will absorb more resin than the others. Some powders are opaque, while others are translucent. They can reflect light, but must be used cautiously to avoid the color from becoming yellow.

Mica powder can be described as a highly pigmented mineral powder that is able to add color to the epoxy resin. Mica powder is a good choice for projects which require high saturation of color and transparency. Mica powder is typically used at 1g per one inch of epoxy resin. You should start off with small amounts of mica powder and slowly increase until you achieve the desired level of saturation and color.

They are a full vivid, vibrant, and vibrant colouring solution

If you are in search of a high-quality pigmenting solution for your next project, you should consider making use of EcoPoxy's EcoPoxy 8pc Color Pigment Set. These premium pigments are made to blend seamlessly and evenly into your epoxy resin. They're available in individual colors , as well as in sets that will make sure the finished product is beautiful.

They are available in 8 vibrant hues

The 8-piece Color Pigment Set is a great way to expand your imagination. It features pure ingredients and high levels of pigmentation. You can pick from primary colors as well as other colors. These paints come in handy 20-ml bottles and aren't refillable. If you prefer larger tubes, Blick Art Materials also offers 200-ml bottles.

These pigments will tint most epoxy resins. They are particularly concentrated and create the most vibrant colors. They also have more vivid colors than other brands. To achieve a more vibrant and vibrant shade, EcoPoxy uses acuum-metalized polyester film to create the pigments.

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